PHYTO at VPL Spring 2014 Show

30 September 2013


1. Blow dry hair while applying PHYTO Professional Intense Volume Mousse at the roots to create texture.

2. Flat iron hair to create a sleek look.

3. Pull hair back into a ponytail, securing with an elastic.

4. Apply PHYTO Professional Wet Gel to the ponytail to create a sleek, wet texture before braiding the hair inside of the ponytail into a fishtail braid.

5. Apply PHYTO 7 Hydrating day cream to tame flyaways, while keeping fine hair around the face dry and wispy.

6. Finish with PHYTOLAQUE SOIE Light Hold Hairspray and PHYTO PLAGE SOIE Protective sun oil  for protection and hold.


Ultimate Beauty Treatments - Styling Care - Instant Results


Inspiration: An active outerwear collection inspired by a girl who is a healthy and active modern beauty. 

BOB RECINE created a clean, wet, natural active look that is representative of the science in beauty and the contrast of wet vs. dry.