Intense nutrition shine oil
Dry hair


A unique pre-shampoo elixir for dry and ultra dry hair that reveals the beauty of your hair.

2.5 fl. oz. pump


Restores shine and revitalizes. Subtle blend of powerful, beautifying oils, this unique elixir restores ultimate shine and suppleness to the hair. This intensive weekly treatment weightlessly repairs dry and ultra-dry hair, illumining it with incredible shine.

Active Ingredients

  • Egg yolk oil
  • Camellia oil
  • Corn germ oil
  • Karanja oil

Directions for use

  • Once or twice per week, apply on lengths and ends of your hair.
  • Massage delicately to distribute product.
  • Leave on for 10 minutes or more depending on the hair’s level of porosity.
  • Rinse thoroughly, and then shampoo your hair.


Applied as a pre-shampoo, SUBTIL ELIXIR’s effect can be enhanced by washing your hair with PHYTONECTAR shampoo and applying PHYTOKARITÉ mask.